The Wedding

We invited you to celebrate our wedding

Bintang & Fauziah

Sunday, 03 December 2024

Glory be to Allah SWT who has created HIS creatures in pairs.
Ya Allah, If You allow our sons and daughters:​

Bintang Putra

Son of
Mr. Joyo
& Mrs. Sumiati

Fauziah Ratnasari

Daughter of
Ahmad Wijaya
& Siti Hartini

To follow the Sunnah of Your Messenger in order to form a sakinah, mawaddah, & warahmah family. then let us marry her.


Wedding Event

Masjid Sabilul Falah

03 December 2024

08.00 WIB
Until End

Our House:
Jl. Kepiting 15 Gempeng, Ketanen, Gempeng, Kec. Bangil, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67153

04 December 2024

16.00 WIB
till 21.00 WIB


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For the bride & groom

May Allah bring together the scattered of the two, bless them both and may Allah improve the quality of their descendants, making them open the door of mercy, sources of knowledge and wisdom and givers of peace for the uma.”

(Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, at the wedding of his daughter Fatimah Azzahra with Ali Bin Abi Talib)

We Are Happy, The Bride and Groom's Big Family

Bintang & Fauziah

Give Angpao & Wedding Gifts

Your blessing prayer is a gift that means a lot to us.
And if giving is your expression of love, you can give gifts cashless.

Ikon Dana
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Thank you for choosing our product. May your marriage be blessed and become a Sakinah, Mawaddah, Warahmah family. Amen